USANA Company Review- How Do You Make Money With USANA?

Should I Join USANA? Can I make Money With Usana? These are some of the few questions that many people ask about Usana every single day. I am writing this Usana Review to answer those two questions. But before I answer those two questions, I will provide you with some brief information about the company, the product and the compensation plan.

Since 1992 Usana has been Promoting high quality health and wellness products globally. They are one of leading health and wellness companies in the states. They have helped to improve the lives of thousands of people around the globe in two ways;Through high quality product lines that customers like and trust and a Multi-Level Marketing platform where people can make money selling the products and introducing people to the business opportunity.

USANA’s distributors promote Nutritional Supplements, Weight loss products. and Personal Care Products. These high quality products keep people healthy and looking good throughout their body.

USANA has a low start-up cost for their business opportunity and a simple compensation plan with a huge income potential. After enrolling two people in to the binary plan, you will qualify for commissions and the company pays about 45% of their revenues back to Usana distributors. Sound simple, right?

It is easy if you have the right system in place that will generate leads and an endless cash flow for your business. Without that system, It is going to be a rough journey trying to recruit your warm and cold markets.

When most people join USANA, they are told by their upline to make a list of the people that they know which include friends, family and acquaintances. They then try to convince that list to buy the products or join the opportunity. Most of those people will not want to join the opportunity since many of them have the Employee Mindset.

Typically, you will blow through your warm market within a couple of weeks and then have to move on to the cold market, which include the three foot rule and buying and cold calling expensive low quality leads. They say that if you stick a mirror under someone’s nose and it fogs up, they are a prospect. Most people don’t have much success with those methods either because not everyone has the willingness to do this.

Although a very small percentage of Network Marketers will have success with those methods, the rest should consider using attraction marketing methods. Attraction Marketing is all about branding yourself as an expert and helping people solve their problems through solutions.

You can generate an endless supply of leads and cash flow for your opportunity if you follow those marketing strategies carefully. Most of your leads will not join your business, but you can still monetize your leads by selling low cost high value affiliate programs.

So I recommend that you learn Attraction Marketing so that you can generate Leads and cash flow to help fund your advertising. That is how you can make money with Usana. While growing your Usana Business you can make money by promoting affiliate products to people that don’t join you in Usana. This is exactly how the top distributors in USANA do it and how you should do it if you want to have the same success.

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