US authorities have banned US companies from supplying technology to Chinese drone manufacturer DJI

Companies will also have problems exporting parts. The US Department of Commerce added to the” black list ” of the Chinese drone manufacturer DJI, writes The Verge. Companies from the United States were banned from exporting their technology for use in its devices.
The ban will also make it more difficult for American manufacturers to use parts in drones, which could disrupt DJI’s supply chain. DJI and the Department of Commerce did not respond to requests for comment.

The U.S. government has repeatedly stated that Chinese-made drones pose a threat to national security: in October 2019, the Interior Department said it had grounded all of its 800 drones due to concerns about Chinese espionage and cyberattacks, and the Justice Department banned the purchase of foreign-made drones at its own expense for security reasons.

The Ministry of Trade’s list includes 77 companies and branches — 60 of them are Chinese. In addition to DJI, one of the largest Chinese manufacturers of SMIC chips was on the list. This continues the policy of Donald Trump to block the work of Chinese technology companies in the United States:

In May 2019, the authorities banned American companies from using Huawei equipment. Also, the Chinese phone manufacturer can not buy any necessary parts or other equipment without the prior approval of the White House.
In September, the Commerce Department issued an order to block TikTok and WeChat. It provided for the removal of applications from the App Store, Google Play and any other platforms that are available in the United States.
However, the apps are still available: the authorities ‘ bans on downloading WeChat and TikTok have blocked the courts.

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