Up to 16 hours on a single charge and without a driver’s cab: Amazon’s Zoox startup unveils an unmanned electric car

The developer plans to make money on “robotaxi”, but not earlier than 2022.

Amazon-owned startup Zoox has unveiled an unmanned electric vehicle that can run 16 hours on a single charge, Bloomberg writes.

Zoox calls the electric vehicle “robotaxi”. It is capable of carrying four passengers and accelerates to 75 mph (about 120 km / h). An electric car can move in any direction: it does not have a driver’s cab, so it does not need to turn around.

Zoox plans to capitalize on the new technology by launching a car calling service in San Francisco and Las Vegas. The company did not disclose the launch date for the service, but it will happen later than 2021.

Zoox plans to launch trips to other countries. Zoox CEO Aisha Evans said in an interview with Bloomberg that the company has the necessary funds and vision for the future development of drones.

Evans did not disclose the prices of the rides, but promised that they would be “affordable” and competitive with Uber and Lyft. The company has already started production in California – according to its own estimates, the plant will be able to produce from 10 thousand to 15 thousand cars a year.

Amazon acquired drone developer Zoox in June 2020. According to the Financial Times, the company is going to create a fleet of drones to compete with Waymo and others.

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