Up In The Air : Looking For Love

Clooney stars as Ryan Bingham, one of the senior members of the staff of a corporate downsizing firm. Ryan’s also a star amongst frequent flyers, spending more time in airports than at his apartment. He’s set a goal for himself of becoming a member of the exclusive 10 million frequent flier miles club, a club which only has six members. Ryan’s got traveling down to a science, knows exactly how much of what he can carry on a plane, how to pack to make the most of a small space, what rental car companies are the easiest to deal with, and he owns club cards for every major hotel chain.

In his spare time Ryan delivers motivational speeches, encouraging attendees to get rid of all the extra stuff they carry around that only serves to weigh them down. Ryan believes if we rid ourselves of everything from knickknacks to relationships, we’ll all be much better off. And Ryan practices what he preaches; he doesn’t believe in relationships and has even separated himself from his family, only seeing his sisters when he’s forced into acknowledging they exist.

He’s handsome, always immaculately dressed, unencumbered and happy. And as far as women go, there are plenty of ladies on the road who he can charm into one-night stands.

However, once he meets Alex (Vera Farmiga), a fellow traveler who can match his gold cards one for one and who shares the same attitude about the joys of business travel, Ryan finds himself actually thinking this might be more than just about casual sex. Although she tells him up front she’s just like him and not after anything other than a good time in the sack and someone who can engage in intelligent conversation, for the first time ever Ryan thinks he may have found someone worth making a commitment to.

But then things at work change and his high-flying lifestyle is threatened by a fresh out of college, computer savvy co-worker who believes traveling around the country is an old-school way of handling their jobs. Teleconferencing is more economical and accomplishes the same results, according to business-minded efficiency expert, Natalie (Anna Kendrick).

With his lifestyle under attack, Ryan takes Natalie with him on the road to experience first-hand what it’s like to have to deliver such life-altering news to strangers.

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