Have you ever looked for unusual wedding gifts for somebody? I think that it is a great idea and better than getting them something that they already might have. Everyone buys the same things these days. No one ever buys unusual wedding gifts.

I need to buy my sister a wedding gift and I have been researching unusual wedding gifts for a while. I am still unsure of what to buy.

Out of all the unusual wedding gifts that I have seen so far a cuckoo clock stands out. It seems just crazy that a cuckoo clock could be bought at someone’s wedding.

While searching unusual wedding gifts I did think that perhaps I should be getting something that is more practical. I have been looking at a lot of kitchen things. They don’t have a gift list which doesn’t help but I guess that means more creative wedding gifts.

I have discussed it will my girlfriend and she wants to buy something that is more traditional. I understand up to a point but the thing is they already live together. This causes a problem because you don’t want to buy something that they already have.

No doubt she will be receiving lots of personalized gifts. But there are only so many things that you want your name on. I would feel a little uncomfortable having my name on my toaster. I think I will let others take care of those type of gifts.

From what I have seen of personalized gifts they look boring and tacky. That is not something that I want. Maybe I should just go to a shop that offer a variety of stuff and just get her a couple of things. Maybe a garden centre?

Actually, a garden centre doesn’t seem like a bad idea. I am about to find some unusual wedding gifts there. I have even seen animals. Now that would be funny, imagine getting an animal on your wedding.

As everyone always says, “It is the thought that counts”. But even so I do hope she likes what I buy.

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