Unsafe Home Relief You Should Avoid

In the modern world, most people buy expensive prescription and over the counter medications from huge drug companies when the need their various problems treated. However, not too long ago, many people depended on tried and true home remedies to relieve their ailments. While some of these things are still being used today, many of these remedies were quite dangerous. Here are three remedies that should remain in the past.

In order to kill head lice, people would use kerosene.

Sometime in our not too distant past, we thought it was perfectly acceptable to dump kerosene over the heads of children with head lice. Believe it or not, it actually worked, but was discontinued as the dangers were greater than the benefits.

Kerosene can be quickly absorbed through the body’s skin. Not to mention it is enormously toxic and flammable, and can cause illness and death as a result of this method of killing lice.

The second treatment to avoid at home is ingesting greta or azarcon for stomach problems.

Many older people, especially those from Latin American communities will be familiar with both of these powders that were used in the treatment of empacho. Empacho is a term that described many various intestinal and digestive problems. Unfortunately, both of these powders are nearly 100 percent lead.

Taking any dose of either substance can lead to serious illness and even death. Lead poisoning has killed many people, and even though they are still available today, stay away from them.

The next thing to try and avoid is to put butter on a burn.

Buttering a burn is a fine example of a home remedy that was a really dumb idea. Butter can reduce the pain from a burn at first, but it also will contaminate the wound site while providing the perfect environment to grow bacteria in. This can lead to a nasty infection and lead to numerous other complications.

Many of us have been taught to honor our cultural practices, especially those handed down to us from the generations prior. The problem is many of these remedies can do more harm than good, so it is always important to get a second opinion first.

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