Universal Inverter For Campers

Going out into the wilderness or mountains is great until your cell phone or ipod dies. Or the charger you bring overheats or you have to go to a certain spot to get another charge. It is always a hassle to do something and enjoy another. It is really frustrating, isn’t it?

You will be able to get power anywhere and also you can charge with the Goal0 batteries or from a car or boat. The plugs you use can either be international 3 prong or American standard 2 prong. It will switch from 110v to 220 volt very easily.

You can charge just about anything you can think of. From laptops, to cell phones, to GPS units and ipods. As long as you are plugged into Goal0 batteries or the car or boat, you will have power. What’s great is that you can use the Goal0 batteries but it is not required thought recommended. The way it works is that you take the plug into the 12v cigarette port to power the inverter.

The Sherpa Inverter is very light and works in temperatures of 32 to 104 degrees. And the optimal storage tems are from 32 to 86 degrees. It has been tested in many conditions below and above and it has worked fine, this is what is recommend though. It also comes with a 12 month warranty.

The inverter and the male cigarette adapter are included for boat and cars in case you do not want to purchase the battery packs. This battery charger is a must, you know that when you are out needing a charge, you hate when something over heats. It is excellent for mountain climbers because of it’s ability to withstand high and low temperatures.

It’s also lightweight, compact, and able to be placed easily within a backpack due to its size. It’s no real hassle to carry around and can prove to be an extremely useful tool. It fits well with any other Elite gear and is designed to be tough, just like the other Elite gear. It’s about the size of a decent pair of binoculars or a canteen and about a bulky as a combination of both but, due to the size, this is not awkward.

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