Unique Ways Corporations Try To Advertise Their Business In These Difficult Economic Times

Marketing and advertising are a big part of having a successful business. With the economy being in such a downturn the past couple of years, it is more essential than ever to have your company be known to a wide range of customers in order to do well. Traditional methods of advertising can be costly and more and more businesses are now opting alternative methods to get their name out there. Whether it is by helping to sponsor a large activity or a charity event with corporate gifts by having your logo placed on various banners and t-shirts or by giving away promotional merchandise at a place where people would be drawn your business.

Sporting events have really used the support and monetary assistance from corporations to sponsor events, or even a new stadium. It is now the norm for most major sports teams to have their place of business be named after the leading corporation that helped to sponsor that venuefor example, the Denver Nuggets play hoops at the Pepsi Center and the Denver Broncos play football at Invensco Field. These are both the names of corporations that have assisted to pay to have their name advertised to a broad array of sports fans that will visit that venue to see their local team play. Obviously, large sponsorships like this are limited to big and financially well off corporations that have the funds to put their names on such a large venue.

Another way smaller businesses can get their name out there in the athletic world without having to have as much money is to be a sponsor of an event such as a marathon or even a little 5K in their community. Running races have become very popular and to organize a lot of these races for charitable reasons can be expensive. Now race organizers rely on donations from local or national companies to handle the bulk of the expenses. In return for the sponsorship, the business has their names put on all promotional things that are related to the race like t-shirts, banners and other itmes. The bigger the race, the more advertising for your company you will get.

Other ways to advertise your business is to sell additional promotional items to sell. Retail stores and restaurants usually do this and sell quite a bit of merchandise for their businesses on location. One good example of a highly coveted items are the Hard Rock Caf shirts that have the destination of the restaurant on it and can only be purchased at those restaurant locations which has created that company a lot of additional income.

Another way businesses can advertise their companies in a creative way is to offer free giveaways if a customer purchases something or even simply comes to the place of business. For example, a car dealership can offer free tote bags with their dealership name on it for the first 500 customers to test drive their newest car in stock.

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