Union Shield Appears On Lincoln Cent For 2010 And Beyond

The “tails side” of the Lincoln Cent recently underwent its fifth design change in a two year time span. As opposed to the previous four rotating reverse designs, this one is expected to remain in use for the foreseeable future. This new design is intended to symbolize Abraham Lincoln’s preservation of the United States as a single and united country.

The Union Shield will be depicted on the reverse of the 2010 Lincoln Cent. This shield is composed of thirteen vertical bars with a single bar at the top binding them together. The Union Shield first appeared during the 1780’s and made a resurgence in use during the years of the Civil War. The arrangement on the shield symbolizes the original states joined in support of the federal government.

The Union Shield is depicted with a classical look, as it might have appeared during its years of use during the 18th and 19th century. Required inscriptions are arranged logically throughout the image with “E Pluribus Unum” (Out of Many, One) on the top of the shield, the denomination “One Cent” on a banner running across the shield, and the country “United States of America” above the shield. The reverse was designed by Lyndall Bass and sculpted by Joseph Menna.

The new reverse design will be paired with the portrait of Abraham Lincoln designed by Victor D. Brenner. This bust has been used on the “heads side” of the coin since its original introduction in 1909. Some of the details of the original portrait have been restored to bring out the subtle details and beauty of the design.

The 2010 Lincoln Cents began appearing in the channels of circulation in mid-January 2010. Production levels for the new coin have been steadily increasing throughout the year, with 1.8 billion coins minted through the first half. The United States Mint strikes one cent coins for circulation at the Philadelphia and Denver Mint with collector versions produced at the San Francisco Mint.

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