Psychic Powers – Are They Real?

A psychic is a term given to that person who has the psychic power or ability to perceive hidden messages or information from the environment which are otherwise not perceptible through the normal five senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. Thus, a psychic is said to have an extra sensory perception which enables him/her to perceive or ‘know’ hidden messages or about something that is happening far away, which another common person would not perceive.

There are various instances of psychic experiences that occur in the world. Starting from someone hearing a loved one’s call in distress from thousand miles away to being able to predict someone’s future in absolute details which turns out to be accurate, there are numerous such experiences which cannot be explained by science yet. Psychic abilities though rare have their share of existence in the world and the powers of telepathy, precognition and clairvoyance can be claimed to be the most common and popular amongst them.

The psychic power of mind reading is known as telepathy. Thus, it involves reading the thoughts of a second person and in advanced stages of telepathic abilities the psychic is also able to infuse his own thoughts into the minds of others.

In case you have dreams which turns out to be true or whatever you say turns out to be right, you are a psychic who has the power of precognition. Thus, precognition basically refers to having prior knowledge about incidents which would happen in the future and in common parlance in known as ability of accurate prediction. By far it is the most common psychic ability in the world and of course the most popular one owing to the immense interest man has in knowing about his future.

Thirdly, if you have highly developed clear viewing capabilities and can experience ‘seeing’ things which others cannot, than you are a psychic clairvoyant. Examples of clairvoyance might be ability to see a loved one who is far away, ability to see the aura of another person or even ability to see spirits, so on and so forth.

Apart from these three most common psychic powers, there exists numerous other abilities wherein the psychic can move matter with the strength of his thoughts, levitate off from the ground, perceive energies emanating from another person, communicate with spirits, and the like.

If you want to know your psychic capabilities, psychic tests are the way to go. Psychic tests can be of two types – for testing existence of psychic ability or testing the extent or intensity of psychic abilities. Moreover these tests can be done either online through the numerous websites offering you online tests and advice on the same, or in a clinical set up which would provide detailed and more accurate results.

The Zener Card is one of the oldest and extensively used psychic test which can be undertaken both online and otherwise. This consists of a deck of cards having symbols and the process starts with removal of one card and asking the potential psychic to predict or visualize its symbol. One by one the step in reiterated till the time the deck is finished. Based on the algorithms, the score tells you whether you have psychic powers ranging from ‘no ability’ to ‘very significant ability’. Whichever psychic power you possess and to whatever extent, a psychic must always remember that it is a gift and use it for the benefit of fellow beings.

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