Telepathic Communication – An Introduction

We only use ten percent of the brain to function and survive throughout life. A huge part of our brains remains unused.

What most of us aren’t aware of is that we’re all born with the innate ability to communicate with each other without having to speak a word out loud or even move a muscle physically.

We are trained from childhood to conform to our parent’s expectations and the boundaries of society. The true powers of our minds are not explored as we are not encouraged or trained to think outside the box for fear of ridicule.

We involve ourselves with other things in life and forget about such nonsense until the day comes that we know something we should not and ponder for a short time only to push it further to the back of our mind again.

Are we being warned about events that are soon to happen by a superior being or are we receiving these signals from others when they are thinking about us?

There are many instances in our daily lives where we communicate with other people on a subconscious level. But did you know you it is possible to train your mind to communicate consciously as well?

Mental telepathy is a talent we are all born with. The fact is most people never consciously use it therefore our natural ability to communicate with our mind is never developed. As a result most people never learn or even realize they have this power. In fact many believe they have this power is but do not know how to make it work for them.

Scientist say our though have a frequency and can be measured. A person can learn to use this to contact others and send messages. These thoughts or frequencies must be channeled in the right way in order to be effective in communication.

Ways to develop your telepathic powers

*A trance like state – When you get into a trance like state and become very relaxed, you will be able to send and receive messages at will. It is somewhat like being hypnotized, your mind will be open and receptive to communication.

If you are wanting to develop the ability to be telepathic, work on getting into the trance state to be successful with it.

*Learn to focus – Find a place where you will not be disturbed, relax your mind and body. Picture the one you want to communicate with mentally. Send the message and assure yourself they are getting it. Don’t make it a command just tell the person you would like to hear from them and think pleasing thoughts about them.

*Believe – You have to believe in what you are doing and have an open mind about it. As you grow your telepathic ability, always believe the person will get the message.

*End Your Projection – Rather than let your mind trail off onto other things, simply withdraw your thoughts back into yourself and stop projecting. The reason for this is quite simple.

You must release your thoughts and feelings about this person. This has the effect of the person missing you more and thus increasing their desire to talk to you. The person should contact you very soon.

Practicing by yourself in this way will help you use your mind to develop your telepathic talents. There are also exercises for you to do with another person to advance your skills.

How to learn more by using two people

*Sender and Receiver – Decide which of you will be the message sender and which will be the receiver. For the purpose of this example, we’ll assume you are the sender.

Your friend, the receiver will need to write down anything that flows into his or her mind. Get a note pad and a pen ready and go over the necessity of writing it all down with your friend. Assure him or her that if it is thought it is not made up, this will help make sure it is all wrote down.

*Visualize – You are the sender so you should have some simple images in mind to send to your receiver. These should be well known objects, for instance, a star, an orange, or an apple. These will be simple and easy to focus on and easier for you receiver to get than more complex images.

*Transmitting Your Message – Close your eyes and focus on establishing a communication thought-tube between you and the receiver. Picture it clearly in your mind’s-eye as connecting the two of you.

Then place the object you want the receiver to see inside your mental communication tube and send it directly to him. Create your image as clearly as you can. If you choose to focus on a red, shiny apple, then make sure you follow your apple all the way to the end of the thought-tube.

The art of visualizing and focusing is the best way to get your message out to the one you need to reach.

*End message – Stop sending when you have seen the object reach the receiver. Stop thinking about it, this is an important step as it lets the receiver see the image appear. He or she will also have time to write it all down

*Receiver – The receiver should relax and remain as calm as possible. With an open mind and a willingness to receive images and impressions, the receiver should write down any impressions that come to mind.

The receiver may be skeptical at first and think the things coming into their mind are not relevant. Nevertheless, it all needs to be recorded. We all have thoughts going through our heads at times but it is important the receiver knows that thoughts are being deliberately sent.

*Check the results – When the session is complete, see how well both of you done in sending and receiving images. Anyone will get some of them right as well have the ability to do this. It will take some training to do really well at it as a rule. A perfect score would be very unusual on the first try.

For best results, practice often.

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