Understanding Panic Attacks That Go Off When You Sleep

If there are things that we cannot easily stop, not unless if we want to die, it is our minds. Just like our hearts, our minds never stop no matter what. There is no button where you could simply turn it on and off. This is the very reason that even as we sleep, chances of panic attacks can still happen. It may be hard to believe it so but it is the truth.

Going back briefly to the basics of panic attack, we can find in books that it is defined as a sudden “period of intense fear and discomfort.” The fear meant here is not any ordinary fear. You have to take note of the word before it; intense. It is not the kind of fear you feel if you think your team in the world cup s loosing, it is a different kind of fear.

Of course, just like any other disease, panic attack also has its symptoms. There are actually many but to name a few we have the “racing heart”, trembling, dizziness, nausea, sweating, difficulty of breathing and other. One must know these symptoms whether it is panic attack or not because a lot of symptoms for panic attack can also be symptoms of other disease. Like the “racing heart”, this symptom is often mistaken for heart attack. So do not get in to the risk of a more dangerous disease, be sure about the symptoms that you are experiencing.

So much for a refresher course on panic attacks, what about now with what they call sleep panic attacks. Is this for real or just another scam for people who would like to deceive others for profit? But hey, it is for real. You see it on your TV screens. Remember the movies where the actor jolts off his bed, screaming, his heart pumping hard, he is full of sweat and he shakes? Those are exactly the symptoms mentioned above.

Sometimes, there is a question of how many time sleep panic attacks occur. There is no knowing to this yet. The point is it happens even in our sleep. The question would rather be, “why?”

There are some reasons for these sleep panic attacks. It could be directly of what happened during that day. Maybe a big even carrying a big amount of stress occurred. Take for example a huge bidding process of your company and you did not win, surely this will stir up something in you. Especially when you have no way to let it out, more probably, sleep panic attack will happen in the evening. It could also be due to a dramatic change in your life; a new job, a new baby, or even death in the family. And of course, it could also happen if you are thinking and worrying too much what if panic attack will happen again while you sleep.

Even if it does not really happen like in the movies were they jump off their bed screaming, sometime you will get that feeling in the morning that you are still tired. Waking up tired in the morning can sometimes be explained that you had a sleep panic attack. This is really bad because either you will have more attack due to lack of rest or you will be afraid to sleep again because of the fear of an attack.

So be aware that sleep panic attacks exist. Guard yourself from that and sleep better.

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