Understanding Dugi’s Ultimate World Of WarCraft Guide

Dugi, the creator of The Ultimate WoW Guide, has released a tool useful to both veteran players looking to up enhance their game, as well as beginners just getting their feet wet. Dave Farrell aka Dugi, has over 7000 hours of play time to his name, so he knows what he’s writing about. In the hands of a total beginner, The Ultimate WoW Guide can get a character from level 1 to level 80 in 7 days or less.

It has everything the standard guides provide: a section on leveling, sections on farming gold and gaining gear, a section on navigating PvP combats, and sections on questing, talent development, and professions. Where this guide leaves the others in the dust is its format: it is an entirely in-game add-on, so no book reading or tabbing out of the game to read PDFs. While on screen, it provides you with markers on your map, an arrow to direct you, and allows easy display of information you need without forcing you to open guide boxes to get it.

In addition, the guide provides step-by-step directions on which quests to complete, where to go to start, complete, and turn them in. And to top it off, the guide keeps track of your questing history, checking off any quests you’ve already finished so that you will never be directed to repeat work you’ve already done. With the class quest auto-detect, you’ll always know when there is something available for you.

To top it off, the Ultimate WoW Guide also provides ready-to-copy macros for combat, as well as information on the proper mods and talents to use for each battle. The site has a large user supported site, where you can access member guides: leveling guides for Alliance and Horde, gear guides and talent guides for each class, profession guides, guides on earning gold at speed, and auction guides as well as guides to each Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King instances.

Offering an 8-week satisfaction refund, Dugi is pretty sure users will find what he has to offer to their liking. If there are any problems with the guide, he is known for quick response support, and when the next version of The Ultimate WoW Guide is ready, customers get the update for free. When a new version of The Ultimate WoW Guide is released, customers receive it free; it is such a good deal, there’s no reason not to try it.

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