Drop shipping refers to the process of supply of goods by manufacturer or wholesaler on the basis of orders received by the retailer. The drop shipper is a wholesaler or manufacturer who receives a copy of the order from the retailer and ships the goods to the location required. Wholesalers can be situated all over the world and orders are passed on to reduce transportation costs to the minimum. The supplier ships the goods and receives payment for the services rendered. Doba.com is an essential component in the drop shipping industry. Doba.com acts as a middleman and facilitates meeting of retail sellers and wholesalers and manufacturers offering drop shipping services.

That is the reason why Doba.com acts as a meeting ground for retailers and wholesalers shippers. Simply finding the right drop shipping organization will not suffice. It is a meeting place for retailers and wholesalers. Doba.com does not restrict itself to nearly providing contact information of various directories and drop shipping experts to retailers.

Doba.com supervises the entire process and make sure that the interests of both the parties are protected. From finding wholesaler, transmission of shipment information to actual shipment -everything takes place under supervision of the web site. It penalizes members who do not agree with the terms and conditions and offer quality service.

A newcomer to the business of drop shipping can learn the basics and understand the risks involved. Hundreds and thousands of persons enter the business of online selling only to end up disappointed. Doba.com offers all the information necessary for an individual to form his or her opinion for free.

A retailer cannot afford to restrict his or her approach to just a few drop shipping companies. That is the reason why Doba.com offers a wide range of services. A retailer desirous of doing serious business can easily find the right wholesaler for delivering the specified quantity of goods to the customer.

Reputations, credibility and easy web site design. Its reputation with Ebay is a clearly stated. It clearly advertises its popularity, credibility and reputation in Ebay, other drop shippers and retailers on the web site. The only point of criticism that can be stated against Doba.com is the price.

The only disadvantage or negative point about Doba.com can be its excessively high price. Well, the criticism is valid especially if you are a new entrant to the world of online retailing. One’s chances of finding the right business improves after using Doba.com

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