Typical Food For A Wedding Breakfast

Wedding breakfast does not mean a morning meal in any way. Wedding breakfast is basically a wedding meal that is organised after the wedding ceremony. In some of the European countries, wedding meal is still known as wedding breakfast due to many reasons. It can be called a tradition where bride and groom would be fasting before the wedding. So technically, when they break their fast i.e., after the wedding ceremony, this will be their first meal together as a couple, which is why, it is called wedding breakfast. Breakfast is the first meal of the day, so it creates a connection.

The name can be a bit confusing however; it is not used in every part of the world. Countries like United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia use the term of Wedding breakfast where as in reality, it is a wedding dinner.

In Japan, mostly cereals, seafood toaster, boiled eggs, and fermented foods are used with green tea in breakfast. It is also the custom to have the meal of last night that might be left over. In European countries, cereals, breads and coffee, or tea is included in the breakfast. In some areas cooked pork, beans and colorless rice are used in breakfast. In some regions, bread with butter and tea is used.

The arrangement of the food is an important part of the wedding. Before you decide the menu, you need to decide the serving style. If you are planning to have a few dishes, you can have waiters to serve the food to your guests, or you can serve a buffet, and the guests can fill in their plates with whatever they want. The food should be delicious, and one thing that you have to make sure is that your guests do not go empty stomach.

The choice of breakfast varies in different countries but as a whole all, it is a tradition in all the countries to have some kind of cereals, vegetables, fruits, milk, tea, juices, or any other drink. In the typical wedding breakfast, these basic ingredients of breakfast must be there.

The food served in weddings depends on the time of reception, and the guests have expectations about the food according to the time when they come to attend the ceremony. In weddings, usually the people of all ages are invited, so the host must have to consider the choice, and liking of kids, young ones, and old people as well.

Keep in mind that there are no traditional, or designed menus for a wedding breakfast. You can get whatever you want to in your wedding breakfast. You can also serve the best dessert in your reception. Go for cheesecake, pastries, ice cream, while deciding a menu, the time of your reception plays an important role. The menu can be different for a morning, or evening time wedding. At the end of the wedding breakfast, follows the tradition of cutting a wedding cake.

Since it is the first meal that bride and groom will have together, make sure it is extremely special for them, and that they enjoy it. These wedding meals and everything related to wedding leaves behind wonderful memories for bride, and groom to cherish.

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