Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms – The Information You Need To Know

Diabetes symptoms come on gradually with no obvious signs as in a rash or cut. About a third of those who have type 2 diabetes have it for years without even realizing it.

Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms

Most often, diabetes is not diagnosed until you visit your doctor for other health reasons. Signs that you should watch for:

* Increased thirst – Excess sugar in your bloodstream can steal fluid from your bodys’ tissue, and can leave you dehydrated and thirsty.

* Frequent need to urinate – This is a result from the extra drinks you consume to rehydrate your bodys’ tissue.

* Excess hunger – When you have a lack of insulin (helping your cells process sugar into energy for the body) the amount of energy present in your organs and muscles is greatly reduced. This leads to your body to desire extra food to replace what it has lost.

* Weight gain – This if from all the excess eating done in order to gain lost energy.

* Decreased or Blurred vision – If your blood sugar gets too high, fluid may be taken from your eye tissue, affecting your ability to focus correctly.

* Slow healing sores – With type 2 diabetes your ability to fight infections and heal properly will take much longer.

* Frequent infections – You may see an increase in vaginal or bladder infections due to having excess sugar in the urine.

* Fatigue – You may become tired if your cells are lacking their much needed energy.

* Numbness/tingling in your hands or feet – Diabetics tend to have poor circulation, therefore lacking proper sensation in the extremities.

* Impotency – This is due to poor circulation or improper blood flow.

Some type 2 diabetics have been known to have dark, velvety patches of skin in the folds and, or creases of their body (such as the neck or armpits) This is a sign of insulin resistance called acanthosis nigricans.

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