Two Of The Biggest Social Media Sites

‘Social Media’ has become much more than a buzz word in recent years. In fact, it’s now a large part of many of our lives. There are absolutely countless people globally using social media platforms for recreation, to keep in touch with old friends, meet new friends and make business contacts. But just which are the two most popular social media sites?

Well, there is little dispute that the most popular is Facebook. In fact, at the present time (July 2010) it boasts more than 500 million worldwide registered users. It’s a little bit like an electronic yearbook. Users set up a profile and include their personal information, likes, dislikes etc as well as photographs of themselves. They then link up with their friends on the platform and can get in touch through the site either privately or publicly with their contacts. Users share their pictures and can even play games on the site.

Without doubt, this is the site that really led to the mass population explosion of what is now referred to as Social Media. In recent months, however, the social media giant that is Facebook has come under mass scrutiny for its controversial privacy policy.

The next site we will feature is Twitter. This is referred to as a ‘micro-blogging’ platform, where registered users can make incredibly short blog posts of sorts, of just 140 characters or less. At the present time (July 2010) the site has more than 100 million registered users globally. There is some dispute, however, as to just who many of these users are active, given the fact that there are a lot of dormant accounts. There are also a number of ‘Tweet Bots,’ which are essentially automated accounts as opposed to being human-managed. However, both casual users and businesses alike are taking advantage of the site in their millions. It’s also a popular networking tool and is even frequently used as a communications tool for celebrities looking to share news with fans.

So these are two of literally countless social media sites. However, there’s little dispute that they are the biggest at the present time. As more and more households get online, the popularity social media looks set to continue to soar.

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