Two Methods For New & Intermediate Pet Society Online Players To Earn Points

In the last couple of years Facebook has introduced a wide selection of incredibly popular games and one of the favorites of gamers is Pet Society. In this virtual world you create your own virtual pet and then progress through levels of the game as you rise in experience and create wealth. It’s no surprise that there are ‘cheats’ to move faster and here are two of them. The good news is that they’re totally legal and won’t get you banned from the game.

Before you can become a wealthy pet owner you first must create your pet and there are a huge variety of options in the games, options that often results in some really … strange … looking animals. But no matter what kind of avatar or pet you create, it’s all good because you truly need an emotional attachment to your little guy or gal so that your interest in the game will remain high.

Once you have your pet, don’t even think about retreating to your home and living a life of isolation. To ‘win’ in Pet Society you will need to accumulate points and money and you can’t do that without interacting with other pets and their owners. This IS a social interaction game after all and there are many rewards for being friendly.

You will have lots of opportunities to make friends and meet others when you and your pet wander through town and there is a LOT to do! Love projects and making things? Visit the DIY store. Want spiffy, expensive new duds? Go to the Clothing Store – and when you’re there check out the Furniture Store and come home with a grand new sofa or whatever tickles your fancy.

In every computer game there are challenges and obstacles to advancement and Pet Society is no exception. Currently there are a total of 47 levels and, naturally, all new players must start at the very bottom with nothing. If you acquire enough points you can move up in the game all the way to the exalted spot of ‘Ruby Super Pet’, the top of the heap and the highest level of the game. Before getting too excited, though, know that a massive number of points is required: 420,000! If you want to be a Pet Society Super Star it’s obvious that acquiring points must be your #1 priority. That’s the way to move fast.

To pile up the points on your way up, it clearly helps to understand some of the tricks of the game. Yes, we can find our own way, but it takes time – and a lot of mistakes – to learn from our experience. So it’s efficient to learn from those who have gone before so here are two totally legitimate ‘cheats’. The game owners definitely won’t throw you out for using these ideas.

Our first super-points tip is to quickly get yourself down to the Mystery Shop, taking your pet with you. Invest your current funds in as large supply as you can afford of doses of Effect Away. Then take your pet home and have it drink every drop of the potion because you’re paid 17 Paw Prints for each drink. And don’t worry – it’s not at all harmful so you can give him as much as he wants. You can then invest those funds in more drinks and keep your baby drinking. This will bring you points very quickly.

Another quick way to pile up points is by cleaning pets. Get out of the house with your baby and visit the shops, the bank, the stadium and all the other cool Pet Society locales. You are looking for dirty pets and you can spot them by the flies that hang around. Once you’ve located them, click on the Soap icon and clean them off and you will be paid. Then, you can get paid again for the same work. How? Click your “Refresh” button and the pets you just cleaned will be surrounded by flies again. Simply rinse and repeat, as often as you wish.

These are just two of the legal cheats in this adorable game and you can take advantage of them to win large amounts of coin and buy luxury items, expensive clothing, incredible furniture and decorations for your home. Not only are there many cool things to buy, there are also ‘special’ goodies that are only available for a week.

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