Twitter will allow you to delete subscribers and archive tweets

By the end of the year, the social network will test the function of exiting the discussion.

The social network plans to test new features and give users more control over their lists of subscribers, likes and messages, writes Bloomberg. From September, Twitter will start offering users to check whether their profile is open or closed.
According to the publication, the study showed that Twitter users do not always understand whether their profile is open and whether their answers are visible, so they communicate less in the social network.
The social network will test the functions:
Archiving of tweets. Users will be able to hide posts after a period of time — for example, after 30, 60, 90 days or a year.
Deleting subscribers. Now, in order to unsubscribe from a person, you need to block him. The function will be tested in September.
Hiding liked tweets. You will be able to choose who sees the publications you like — for example, all, only subscribers or individual groups.
Exit the conversation. Users will be able to delete themselves or a mention from the discussion thread. The function will be tested before the end of the year.
On September 1, the social network introduced a security mode that is being tested for English-language accounts. The system automatically detects negative comments and hides them.
On September 2, Twitter launched a paid “super subscription” feature for access to additional content.

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