Twitter is concerned about the decision of Roskomnadzor to slow down the service

The decision to reduce the data transfer rate when uploading content to the service was made due to Twitter’s failure to comply with the legislation of the Russian Federation, including its refusal to delete prohibited content.

Roskomnadzor punished Twitter for non-compliance with Russian laws. Since March 10, the speed of the Internet service in Russia has been slowed down. On all mobile devices and, in part, on desktop computers. Since 2017, Twitter has defiantly ignored the requirements to remove content with child pornography, calls for suicide by minors and materials about the use of drugs. If the company continues to violate Russian laws, Roskomnadzor threatens to block access to its content altogether.
The company Twitter commented on the decision of Roskomnadzor. The statement, cited by the AP, said that the social network is ” concerned about attempts to restrict user communication.” At the same time, Twitter stressed that its rules prohibit the publication of prohibited content, which includes calls for suicide.

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