Twitter has started testing the display of products on brand pages

So far, only for users on iOS devices.

The “Store” function has become available to some brands in the United States. A list of products with prices and the possibility of buying without leaving Twitter will appear in the profiles.
The “store” will be seen by users in the United States who use Twitter in English on iOS devices in the browser or in the app.
“During the pilot project, we will learn how the audience reacts to “emotional” products, for example, a new T-shirt of their favorite sports team… Let’s find out what products users like,” said Bruce Falk, Twitter’s lead product manager.
In the future, the social network wants to create an Advisory Board of representatives of brands that “have established themselves as the best sellers on Twitter.” With the help of the council, the company wants to refine the function and make it available to all commercial accounts.

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