Twitter has banned users from posting photos or videos of other people without their permission

The social network will delete posts at the request of those in the photo.

With the help of the new rules, Twitter wants to stop violations of privacy on the site and protect users from attacks.
The policy does not apply to media publications about public and political figures, photos or videos from mass events and tweets that “protect public interests and serve to discuss problems.”
Twitter will delete posts with other people’s images after complaints about them. To protest the deletion, you need a publication agreement from the person in the photo or video.
The social network has already applied such measures in countries with strict rules for processing personal data. For example, in Australia, Great Britain, New Zealand and EU countries, and deleted publications with photos of victims of attacks, the WSJ reports.
The experts interviewed by the publication said that the new rules for all users are written in such a way that they will be difficult to implement in reality.

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