Twitter bought Squad app to share screen during video call

The project team will join Twitter and the app will stop working on December 12th.

Twitter has announced the purchase of startup Squad, which is developing an app of the same name for sharing a screen during a video call, TechCrunch reports with a link to the social network. The company did not disclose the amount of the transaction.
The company’s co-founders, CEO Esther Crawford and CTO Ethan Sutin, as well as team members, will move to design, engineering, and Twitter’s product division. Whether Twitter will add Squad functionality to its social network remains to be seen.
The Squad app will stop working on December 12th. Its main audience consists of teenage girls, the newspaper writes. Squad allows you to share an image of your smartphone or computer screen at the same time as video chat, the maximum number of participants is up to six people.
Since its founding in 2016, Squad has raised $ 7.2 million from Y Combinator, Halogen Ventures, First Round Capital and others. According to Crunchbase, the company has another co-founder, Chris Messina. Before the Squad, Crawford and Soutine developed Molly, a bot that answers questions about people based on public social media posts.

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