Going out in a t-shirt and jeans is all good but not on your prom night, the prom is an event that was made so that people can dress up and look their best. There are few options when finding the right tuxedo. Unlike women who have their many colors and styles to choose from, us men have to make much harder decisions in order to look good.

For prom, the traditional attire for the male is a tuxedo, and if you’ve never worn one then choosing the one for you can be a little challenging. Choosing your tux is a hard task but will the right information you will be up and able to do it in no time. The first, thing though that you have to do, is get yourself fitted by a professional since your tux should fit properly. So this means that you’ll need to find either a tailor, a salesperson in a men’s department store or an employee in a rental shop. You will have your measurements taken by them first and then they will hand you some jackets, shirts and pants to try on. In general, tux should have a comfortable fit and fit the contour of your body.

It is not smart to actually buy the tux since you probably will never use it again but renting is the best option and most popular one. It cost between $80 to $100 to rent a tux for the night. The great thing about renting it is that you can just return it uncleaned, that is probably why most people rent. After you’re all finished being measured this is the time to be concerned with the style of tux. With slight differences many of the tuxedos look exactly the same. The important thing that you want to think about is the type of jacket that you desire. A suit jacket or sports coat should be how the tux is also fitted onto your frame.

Exploring options could lead you to getting a long-tailed jacket or one with cut-away lengths, the choice is yours. There are also differences in lapels; the tapered shawl lapel, the classical notch lapel, the wider peak lapel and so on. Make a decision by trying them on and taking note of the fit and style to see if it is what you want in a jacket. After the jacket, consider the shirt and the tie and cummerbund. Of course, white is the most popular color for a tuxedo shirt. If you like pleats then most of them have pleats but there are also some that do not which you can choose to wear. This provides a clean look and may be more comfortable.

The cummerbund fits over the waist of the pants and comes in one style. Bow ties and straight ties are the choices you get. The tie and cummerbund are usually black but there are many other various colors out their for those with different taste. This makes it’s easier to match your overall look, so why not search online today

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