Turbulence Training Review: How Craig Ballantyne Started His Well Known Workout System

A fitness method that has received a lot of attention lately is Craig Ballantyne’s Turbulence Training. In three 45 minute sessions a week, the program is said to be able to torch fat and produce a muscular, or at least strong, physique in record time. The routine uses some modest exercise equipment (dumb bells and exercise balls), ordinary body weight calisthenics, and interval training to achieve results. Craig Ballantyne even recently came up with an “express” workout that has been boiled down to three 15 minute sessions.

Let’s meet the originator of turbulence training, Craig Ballantyne. This is a Turbulence Training Review and to review means to look back. So we’ll trace the origins of this well established system in order to get a better idea whether or not it’s right for you.

Growing up on a farm in Canada, Craig Ballantyne was always an athletic kid. His room was the scene of his first workouts, as he read of body weight exercises in fitness mags and tried them out. By the time he was 16, he was working out on a York Universal machine in his father’s shop. Soon after, he went to the YMCA and began weight training, and activity that would be ongoing for some time and give him a basic familiarity with muscle building and fitness.

He enrolled at McMaster University, close to the city of Toronto, and it was here, during his graduate studies that Craig put interval training techniques together with other fitness approaches to form the first Turbulence Training workouts.

In addition, he got a writing gig for Men’s Health magazine, and was able to get his new exercise routine published in an affiliated publication – Men’s Fitness magazine. He continued to develop and fine tune his routine according to principles he learned in his University studies and his practical exercise experience.

Now all he needed was a name. The name came to him on a plane flight when he noticed the aircraft hitting pockets of turbulence and being thus subjected to greater intensity and stresses. This caused the wings to bounce and the plane in general to shake and vibrate, which reminded Craig of the way a muscle reacts to intervals of increased stress. Using this analogy he came up with the name “turbulence training” and like its sound, so he adopted it.

The exercises can thus be viewed as creating high intensity or “turbulence” on muscles for relatively brief periods, followed by rest periods (when the plane, to continue the analogy, is cruising smoothly along above the clouds). There is also emphasis on muscle development rather than long cardio workouts. Along with a low fat, high protein diet, it gets effective results.

Ballantyne holds a Master of Science Degree, is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and is a member of the Training Advisory Board for Inside Fitness. So it seems as if Craig Ballantyne has credentials, and research and testimonials show that his technique is sound. This program thus seems like a fairly good bet for attaining your fitness goals in the context of a bust lifestyle.

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