Try Some Moroccan Lanterns And Moroccan Lamps In All Colors

When I bought my house a few years ago, I knew I would be making some changes. I did not know that it would become an obsessive project that I had to completely finish! It started with the living room. I was thinking some paint and wallpaper would do the trick and carpet and furniture would complete the room. One room led to another and you know the story. The furniture had to be perfect. There had to be one or two chandeliers as well and wooden floors! One thing I had to have was Moroccan Lanterns And Moroccan Lamps to brighten the kitchen.

But first, I had to tackle the kitchen. That was the most exciting project but the hardest. To get that wonderful granite counter and fancy tiles required suffering. Those state-of-the-art appliances I always dreamed of having would have a price too. It took weeks and months waiting for the deliveries and the workmen. The first refrigerator did not fit right and had to be sent back. Not being able to use dishes or a refrigerator or oven was almost unbearable! At least I was not expected to entertain! Finally the kitchen was finished and it was perfect.

Next were the bathrooms and bedrooms, even the stairwell was remodeled. The exterior received a beautiful shade of stucco, and new windows were installed. Now, after everything, all that is left is the back yard, but it will not be complete without Moroccan lanterns and Moroccan lamps.

Tables and chairs were the first thing to add. The tables that hold umbrellas are the best. I added two round tables and one long table.

Then a gazebo with a net was added to provide a pleasing place that would deter uninvited flying insects. After hanging patio string lights, the gazebo was beginning to become the focal point of the yard. There was still something missing though.

A Koi pond with a Japanese bridge and waterfall makes the dreamiest setting. A birdbath, a few garden benches and plenty of greenery is the least one can do to start beautifying the yard. Not everyone can afford to perform a complete overhaul. Yet, there are some things that are absolutely necessary to complete any decor. In the den, it was the throw pillows. In the entry way, it was the wrought iron banister. And in the back yard, the one thing that tied everything together was the three colorful Moroccan lanterns clustered on the table inside the gazebo.

Now that my project is near an end I can spend more time with people and have more comfortable areas for my visitors. I love listening to people comment about my house and what I have done to it. Everybody notices different things.

Everyone has their own favorite little area where everything looks perfect. It could be a bookcase or a corner nook. It could be a bedroom or maybe just an area in the bedroom. After spending almost one year completing a house from top to bottom, I realized that one of my favorite places will be the patio table. I love the way the breeze moves the fabric on the gondola allowing a peek of the green and blue Moroccan lamps sitting atop the table.

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