Try 5 Adventure Sports In New Zealand

I don’t care what anyone says – New Zealand has got to be the adventure sports capital of the world. Perhaps it’s due to the fact they are so far south, or possibly they are just much more gutsy than the rest of us, but those Kiwis are just plain crazy! From more run-of-the-mill adventure sports like mountain biking and kayaking to the 5 totally uncommon Kiwi inventions listed below, there is seriously not an experience activity you can’t try in New Zealand. So, adrenaline junkies, take note: there is plenty of thrill seeking Down Under to satisfy your cravings for the ultimate thrills.

Bungy Jumping

A lot of people don’t understand that this really popular free falling sport originated in New Zealand, when two adventurous Kiwi entrepreneurs adapted the Vanuatu tradition of jumping from cliffs with vines tied to their feet, and created it into a safe and exciting sport. There are a number of bouncing websites in New Zealand, which include the original around Queenstown on the South Isle, exactly where jumpers leap off of the Kuwaru Bridge Bungy at the AJ Hackett Bungy Centre.

Fly By Wire

This has obtained to be 1 of the kookiest, scariest and most magnificent Kiwi journey inventions of all. Here’s how the Fly By Wire Ride works: you are buckled into a small rocket/plane contraption (made out of extremely safe air jet materials) that is equipped with a small jet engine and suspended from wires that are attached to the sides of steep canyon walls. The tethered jet flies up to 108 miles per hour in a massive circle over a deep canyon around Queenstown, giving the rider a 6-minute jolt to three Gs and weightlessness. Um, magnificent!

Black Water Rafting

Not at sinister as it sounds, black water rafting is also identified as cave tubing because it entails floating via the inky black waters of a dark cave on an inner tube. The 1st and most well known company providing this uncommon activity is the Black Water Rafting Business in Waitomo (not far from Hamilton on the North Island), exactly where a series of caves give site visitors the possibility to explore either the “Black Labyrinth” or the doomsday-sounding “Black Abyss”.

Glacier Walking

Two of New Zealand’s South Isle glaciers provide the possibility for this icy blue activity: Franz Josef Glacier and Fox Glacier. Walks selection from pretty effortless to pretty strenuous, getting adventurous kinds around some pretty slippery terrain, such as stairs produced of ice and ice caves. All of the walks are carried out by specialist guides who actually know their way close to the ice, but you’ll want to bundle up for this chilly tour!


This has acquired to be the single weirdest thing that the Kiwis have come up with. Blow up a plastic ball, set a human becoming inside and roll it down a large hill. Oh, and throw a little water within, just for very good measure. That’s actually what Zorbing in. Really, the sport is coming to be recognized as “globe riding”, as much more and much more organizations are jumping on this bandwagon. But Zorb is the first and foremost in the name of hill-ball-roller-downer-sporting and they are nevertheless the finest bet, with their original globe riding hill in Rotorua on the North Island drawing a lot of converts and Zorb-addicts every year.

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