Trump Network Review: Legit Or Scam?

As soon as you heard the name Donald Trump, your ears perked up right? It happens with pretty much any company when a celebrity attaches their name to a company or product. It has happened with this company, but it will wear off, so if you are new to this company, use it for as long as you can. This Trump Network Review is a favorable one and hopefully will help you.

First off, this is not a new company. Donald either purchased or invested in a company named Ideal Health. They have been around since 1997 and have good products and a solid compensation plan. Not sure how Trump got involved, but if they went to him for help after 12 years in business, that might concern me some. If he was a customer, or knows someone that has done well with the products, that is a different and more promising story.

There is a glut of Nutrition companies that have made billions of dollars in this industry. One reason this company is different is that they claim to have products that can be customized for your body. This is a good idea and only one other recognized company has achieved success with this type of product. They are called Genewize. The idea is to determine what your body needs and then have a product built to comply with those needs. It’s a good idea and if it works, that’s even better.

Become a customer. See if you feel and look better using these products. If you do, then and only then, should you start to build a downline of distributors. During your early days with this company get as many people as you can to become customers. This builds you some income and most importantly, it builds you a foundation. Many of your best business builders will come from these people.

Be careful not to get caught up in the hype of sponsoring everyone that you meet! The Federal Trade Commission determines legitimacy of an MLM based on customers versus distributors. Many MLM companies have failed because they were way too top heavy with distributors and had very few actual customers, so be careful.

During your research, look for a sponsor that is intent on having a huge customer database. This will assist you in getting strength in your business. The company claims to have millions of leads that filter down through the organization. If this is true, it will eventually dry up, so don’t count on anyone else to build your business for you. What you build is yours and anything that is given by the company is gravy. Treat it that way.

For you to tell a good story, you need to be successfully using the products. Nothing sells like success! Once you have been a happy customer for a couple of months, start telling people about it. Your enthusiasm will motivate them to ask you about your business. This way you are not always trying to cram this new idea down unsuspecting listeners throats.

Overall, the Trump Network looks solid. I think you will see less and less of Mr. Trump as time goes on, so maximize him now. But do it intelligently. Not one of the people that approached me discussed the products. All they did was rant about Donald Trump and how could it fail if he was involved. Well, that’s all well and good, but if the products aren’t strong, it would not matter if Obama was the President of the company, or someone else that may think is a celebrity. Do your homework. Find a solid sponsor. Build your retail business and make millions of dollars. Good luck.

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