Troubleshooting Your Ethernet Network

When your network isn’t working properly there can be several reasons why. It could be the network hardware or your computer’s software. Here we’ll give some tips on how to get your network back on its feet.

The first step is to check your Ethernet hardware. Check the status lights on your router, switch, hub, and/or network adapter. Are there any lights off that should be lit?

If any light is not on, try to find out why. Check to make sure those items are securely plugged in, such as the power cord to your router or the network cable is securely connected. If everything seems to be connected correctly and your status lights still aren’t on you can try to swap known good parts with items that you suspect aren’t working properly.

Next on your checklist is to refresh your IP address. It could be that your computer’s IP address is the same as another computer’s. You can try to restart your computer or unplug your router (and plug it back in) to refresh your IP address.

Next test your devices that have both wireless and wired connections. Do you have an Ethernet cord plugged into your device and have your wireless card on at the same time? Try turning off your wireless adapter and check to see if that solves your problem.

If you’re still having issues check to see if you have any conflicts in your operating system’s device manager. You could have a bad driver or the network adapter wasn’t fully installed. To find the network adapters, look under the hardware tab.

If you find a yellow exclamation point or a red X next to the device listed then you’re drivers are not working properly. Try reinstalling the drivers or updating the drivers and see if that solves the problem.

Check the items in the “other devices” category. Do you see any yellow question marks there? Items found here are ones that Windows did not properly identify so you’ll need to reinstall those drivers.

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