Treadmills For Sale – Getting A Treadmill Locally To Save Money

It seems that the hardest part of physical fitness is the cost of it. Having to drive to the gym and have someone to watch the kids is tough, not to mention the high membership fees that some gyms instate. Some people just can’t get to the gym in time after work for a solid work out either — these are all factors that make the rising rate of obesity no big surprise. I decided to look for treadmills for sale in my area not too long ago in order to save my hard-earned money from being spent on memberships or gas. I started looking within a radius of 100 miles from my home, as to make the entire endeavor only take one day.

The first thing I did was hit the classifieds section of the newspapers for the surrounding area to see if there was anything to be found. I made a list of the ones available and hit the internet to see if I could find more information on them. I wanted to check out customer reviews, if there were any recalls and to also get a good grasp of what they looked like new so I could determine the wear and tear on the used ones I was going to view. My main concern was, being an educated buyer so I knew I was going to get my money’s worth.

As it turned out, the treadmills for sale in the newspapers at the time failed to live up to my expectations for the prices people wanted for them. My next step was to check out the garage sales. I tried to stick to the sales that were located in the more middle class neighborhoods and upper middle class so I could increase my chances. As luck would have it, a lot of people were thinking the same way I was. Save some money by not going to the gym, keep a hold of what you have. I did come across a few treadmills in some of the places I went, but they were either manual use or were far too big for my home to be able to easily accommodate.

I was struck with an idea towards the end of the summer. Gyms tend to have quite a few treadmills, and they get new ones every few years. As gym members expect the best and newest machines so they can better optimize their workouts. My next step was to call some of the gyms within a 100 mile radius to see if any gyms were currently replacing or planning to replace their current equipment, and if so did they have any treadmills for sale. This, as it turned out, was a brilliant idea. Quite a few owners didn’t know how to react. Many of the bigger named gyms told me that they return their old equipment to the manufacturer when they replace them. I am happy to report however, that a few told me to call back in a few months when they will be upgrading equipment.

Do some research and arm yourself with knowledge before heading out and attempting to buy treadmills. Decided on a distance and dollar amount you are willing to spend.

Check area newspapers and classified publications, as well as garage sale. If you have no luck with these sources, it is time to call a few of your local gyms and see if you will have any luck.

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