Traveling In An Aircraft With Your Pet

Most families in the USA have pets in their houses. You too might have one. When considering a trip, you would want your pet to come with you. As long as you are taking your animal in your used VW NJ, it is fine. Your used Volkswagen New Jersey will give ease to the animal just as it does to you. However, when you are considering a foreign voyage which will include an airplane, you might worry a little. While few of the animals may find it simple to travel in an aircraft, others might not be so.This is the reason why there is mush you would have to know about pet travel in a jet.

Primarily you are required to ensure if your pet is safe or not and for this reason, a lot of individuals like to keep their animals in a kennel. The kennel should be a refuge that is cozy to the pet. Thus, your pet should be able to sit, stand and move to and fro in it. To make it more comfortable, you can put one of your pet’s favorite blankets or mats.

As for the rules in many aircrafts, as long as your animal weighs less than 100lbs, it can accompany you as your baggage or if that is not the situation, then your pet will travel as cargo. The difficulty here is that a lot of cargo portions have a high temperature which has caused many deaths of the animals. Thus, you should ensure that your animal is not aged or does not possess any other issues with its fitness before it can move in the cargo section.

The next thing is to be well equipped with the airline regulations. Normally, different air companies will have different rules about the temperature, species, size, breed, kennels, etc. Thus, it would be better if you call the airline prior to your departure, and inquire them about all such rules and keeps you from panicking at the last moment.

Your animal’s security is a major issue. This should be one of your initial priorities before you leave. Before your departure see your veterinarian if there is something wrong with the health of your pet also ask him for a health certificate that denotes the latest immunizations, infections and overall fitness of your pet. This certificate must be issued to the airline seven or ten days prior to the departure date. The airline personnel will also make sure that the nature of your animal enables it to travel or not. In general, the airline personnel does not allow wild and fierce animals. Lastly, make the kennel identifiable. You can put reflectors on the kennel, or you can also place a card on which will be written “LIVE ANIMAL”. With that, you should also mention your name and contact number on the card. Another idea is to take a picture of your pet and paste it on the kennel for recognition. The last thing you should do is go back to the boarding area and see as your pet is boarded on the airplane.

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