Neither the most popular nor the best-known travel destination for vacationers going to France, Lyon is still a wonderful, highly recommended place to visit. Travelers from the UK can book flights to Lyon from London, Manchester, and Birmingham year-round, although flights are more frequent during the winter ski season. There are also charter flights from Paris.

Since it is easier to book a flight from the UK to Paris, travelers really should look into charters. Lyon’s main airport in Saint-Eup?ry International, and it also has a second, smaller domestic airport, Lyon-Bron.

Lyon is widely regarded as the “Second City” of France. It is, as the appellation suggests, the second largest city in the nation. Located at the confluence of the Saone and Rhone Rivers, near the Alps, Lyon is a perennially popular ski destination. It is also hosts the principal area of commerce between the French capital and Marseille. In Lyon are to be found world headquarters for Interpol, and an industrial powerhouse, with pharmaceutical, chemical, and biotech companies. Lyon even has a large software industry strong in video games.

Lyon played an important role in the Second World War. Occupied by German forces, it was home to resistance movement. There is now a museum dedicated to the resistance fighters and their history. Many homes in Lyon had secret passageways that helped their occupants and the resistance fighters they sheltered escape SS raids.

Lyon is known for its shopping, and the city has wonderful architecture. Visitors to Lyon can see one of the largest collections of Renaissance buildings in all of Europe. Lyon is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Popular buildings in Lyon include the Place Bellacour, the Saint Jean Cathedral, the church of St-Martin-d’Ainay and the La Mouche Cattle Market.

Lyon is also home to many festivals, including the popular Festival of Lights celebrated on December 8 in honor of the Virgin Mary. Residents put candles in their windows, and the city organizes light shows onto the sides of important buildings and monuments.

Lyon is also well known for its food and dining opportunities. Those who are adventurous with their cuisine must visit Lyon. A common restaurant found in Lyon is a bouchon, which serve only local food and wine. Bouchons are very traditional restaurants and are typical of the Lyon area.

A bouchon will typically serve coq au vin, andouilette, salad lyonnaise, cardoon au gratin, or marrons glac?s. Lyon is also known for tripe with onions and local sausages. No trip to Lyon is complete without sampling its wonderful cuisine. Nearby Lyon are the world-famous Beaujolais and Cotes du Rhones winemaking regions, making Lyon also a worthwhile vacation destination for lovers of fine wine.

Lyon has excellent accommodations for every budget. If you plan carefully, you can make your vacation in Lyon can be a trip to remember. Lyon has it all: food, wine, culture, shopping, festivals, and nightlife. Travelers from the UK to Lyon won’t be disappointed.

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