Travel Mugs – A Great Gift For The Guy On The Go

Travel mugs are quite popular during morning rush hours all over the globe. They are quite convenient and will keep hot beverages hot and cold ones cold.

They are insulated mugs that are usually heavy duty plastic with a thermal liner or metal with a thermal liner. It makes taking a cup of coffee or any hot beverage on the road a breeze. Much attention is paid to the thermal properties of the travel mug. They usually will hold anywhere from twelve to sixteen ounces. It has a long handle affixed to the side although there are travel mugs that have no handle at all.

They do not vary in engineered style much. Either they have an outer shell that is plastic or an outer shell that is metal. The interior is always some type of thermal material. Some have screen prints and have designs or logos. They can come in a variety of colors and finishes. Some bear advertisements; these travel mugs are often given away. Older ones from the nineteen sixties were lined with glass as the thermal lining, these glass lined mugs typically held the hot liquid in one section that was tightly capped and the liquid was poured into a separate cup to drink out of. The glass in these styled travel mugs often shattered if it was dropped.

They are very inexpensive and usually only cost a couple of dollars. There are certain well known brands that have been making travel mugs and other travel containers that may be a bit more expensive but usually even the best known manufactured mugs are very reasonably priced. The cost can sometimes be free, when they are part of a giveaway.

Travel mugs are very economical; they are good for the environment because they are reusable.

They are a great way to save some cash. By bringing tea or coffee from home instead of buying it from someone else, you can save money. They are a fantastic idea for people on the go who cannot live without their tea or coffee.

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