Transformational Quotes From ONE By Masami Sato

Part Two of Three

This collection of beautiful quotes that will inspire you to discover and embrace the joy of giving is extracted from Masami Sato’s second book – “ONE”. Masami is the founder of a global giving movement called Buy1GIVE1. The quotes in this edition include topics that are related to our everyday lives, such charity, giving, receiving, joy, making a difference and rich-poor separation. This article is the second part of three “ONE Book Life-Changing Quotes Series”.

On giving (and receiving)

“When we give more and communicate wholeheartedly, we have less insecurity-both emotionally and physically.”

“Giving love is the only way to be generously loved.”

“The people who give more (time, money, kindness, love, ideas) have more of these things because that’s the balance. And balance is the natural law of life.”

“one key in the giving process is never to expect a return when we give.”

“We can feel the real joy of giving when we’re doing something for others knowing that we’re simply doing it for ourselves-we’re doing it for our own joy.”

“Giving something to others is so much easier than trying to get it first.”

“Giving is just a part of who we are.”

“Every single one of us prospers when we learn to give value to others first. We are rewarded naturally.”

“We’re not here to give in order ‘to get’. We’re here to have more to give more.”

“Because we can’t have scarcity when we are totally grateful.”

“Giving to others is actually giving to self.”

“What if giving actually was as important as brushing teeth?”

“Giving is not just about helping others. It is about sharing the joy. We do it for our own joy first and we pass it on.”

On joy

“So without denying the benefit of having more innovation (because it feels good), can we find the way to have more joy in our life? If we can, then we can go beyond the temporal gratification. We can create a sense of permanent certainty.”

On charity

“Charity organisations are like our out-sourcing agencies for the giving of our life.”

“Businesses and charities are actually the same thing. Someone started the organisation with the passion to do something-to make a difference.”

“The moment we start giving out of guilt, we appreciate charities far less.”

On having more or having less

“The moment we perceive someone as ‘poor’, our perception creates the poor feeling in the other person.”

“The moment we believe we have more, we’re saying others have less. And OUR attitude creates separation.”

On making a difference

“Big is nothing other than a whole lot of ‘smalls’. Small things can actually transform the world.

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