Trade Your Plastic Containers For Large Wicker Baskets

It’s no secret that plastic containers and acrylic bins are some of the best display fixtures out there. They’re durable, versatile, and open in too many sizes, shapes, styles, and colors to list. However, when it comes to creating merchandise displays in your retail store, plastics and acrylics certainly aren’t your only options!

Wicker baskets are ideal display fixtures for nearly every kind of retail store. You can use them to display many of the same kinds of merchandise you’re already display in your plastic containers – and in the same places – but you can also use them to create a whole new type of visual appeal for your customers.

Wicker Baskets Work for Floor and Countertop Displays

You might think plastic material containers are more suited for your store because they work completely for the floor and countertop displays you have created. While it’s true that plastic material containers are good for all kinds of displays, wicker can work just as well.

You can find individual baskets perfect for creating your own countertop display, or you can find them with single stands and racks sized just right for countertops. At the same time, you can find baskets and display racks created specifically for floor displays.

Use Wicker Baskets to Display a Wide Variety of Merchandise

In many cases, wicker can be just as rough as plastic containers. The baskets are available in many different sizes and shapes, and you can use them to display everything from produce like clean fruit and vegetables to craft items like rolls of yarn and containers of sequins and glitter.

Flower shops can use baskets to display grab-and-go bouquets of flowers, candy stores can use them to display wrapped pieces of gourmet chocolates, and convenience stores and gas stations can use them to display convenience items like travel-sized bottles of hygiene products, eyeglass repair kits, key chains, and small sewing kits.

Even coffee shops can get in on the action, using wicker baskets to display packets of sugar, sweetener, creamers, and stir sticks!

Try Different Styles of Wicker Baskets

Just like there are different styles of plastic material containers, there are different styles of wicker baskets. You can find these display fixtures in various shapes and sizes, as well as in different colors. For example, you’re probably familiar with white wicker, but did you know you can also find these baskets in light-to-medium natural browns as well as in darker browns and with antique bronze finishes?

Because these baskets have so much aesthetic versatility, it’s easy for you to find just the right ones to create the display with the kind of visual appeal you want – or, match the d?cor you already have in your store.

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