Trade Shows, Expos And A Podiatry Chair

Just about every year any branch of the medical field that has the funding to do so puts on a trade show; also known as an annual meeting or exposition. The purposes of these meetings are many as are the types of participants. Medical practitioners attend to keep up-to-date on all the latest research and equipment. Doctors can actually earn CME (Continuing Medical Education) credits, which give them lasting credibility and current knowledge. Companies that specialize in appointment setting and credit collections also account for a significant presence at Medical trade shows. Medical equipment manufacturers attend to network with medical professionals and raise awareness for their products in the market. MTI is one of the company’s that attends trade shows to showcase equipment like their podiatry chairs.

MTI makes several chairs and during the course of 2010 will be making appearances at several tradeshows across the country. Some of these include the following: the annual meeting of the American Academy of Otolaryngology in Boston, Massachusetts; the annual meeting of the American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in Chicago, Illinois; the annual meeting of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons in Toronto, Canada; and the American Academy of Ophthalmology in Chicago, Illinois. In each of these trade-shows they will have the type of chair that best suits the needs of the medical professionals attending the meeting which are similar to their famous podiatry chair.

It is unlikely that MTI will take one of their podiatry chairs to one of the expos listed above simply because none of them above are organized by podiatrists. With that in mind I’ll just highlight some of the features of one of their chairs. The 527P Tri Power Programmable Podiatry Chair is easy to climb in and out of because of it’s a low entry height, but is also user friendly for podiatrists. It can be preset to two of the doctor’s favorite heights for quick and easy patient positioning. Larger patients and doctors alike will also enjoy knowing that the chair can support 650 lbs. Last, but certainly not least, foot and toenail debris will be caught in the extendable debris tray which slides out from the foot rest. There’s more, but that list is a pretty good start.

Of course, MTI manufactures equipment that doesn’t have to do with podiatry chairs or the other types of chairs they make. For instance, MTI will be showcasing one of their instrument tables at the AAOMS trade show. This table is built with sturdy materials and is meant to make efficient use of space. It can be used at a patient’s side or can straddle the patient and the chair their sitting on. MTI also makes several types of surgical lights, mobile cabinets and physicians’ chairs; some of which will be displayed at the up-coming trade shows.

Through these trade shows, MTI is making an effort to connect with and get to know the field in which they operate. Hundreds of companies attend these medical expos every year and each one makes an attempt at standing out in the crowd. The unique selection of medical supplies that MTI manufactures, like their podiatry chairs, sets them apart in this highly concentrated market.

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