Top Tips On How To Use Your CV To Help You Change Pharmacy Jobs

Over the years, I have identified two kinds of midlife pharmacy jobs career changers: Jumpers and Clingers. Jumpers thrive on energy, enthusiasm and improbable luck. The last three times they leaped, a net appeared. They see no reason why the next jump should be any different. Clingers thrive on careers that offer security, money and identity. When they outgrow their careers, or find themselves forced out, they feel lost. They can’t remember the last time they found themselves in this position. Coaching jumpers and clingers for career change: Jumpers call a coach when they are ready to find a new mountain. Suggest a destination and they ask, “Where is it?” Often they’ve made another leap before the coach realizes what is going on.

Clingers call a coach when they find themselves lost in the jungle. They ask, “How do I know if I’ve made the right decision?” and, “How can I find security?” They hold out a one-way ticket, asking, “How do I change to a round trip?” Jumpers have learned to accept that sinking-feeling-in-the-gut as they leap off the mountain. Climbers are not used to feeling edgy. They don’t want a roadmap; they want a hotel reservation, preferably chosen from a listing in the auto club book. Pharmacy jobs career change lessons for jumpers and clingers. Both Jumpers and Clingers face a new reality. Even the bravest Jumper can run out of luck. Choose the wrong mountain and the net never appears. In the twenty-first century, Clingers must create their own security.

Jumpers must stop at the edge of the mountain, before the point of no return. “Does this feel right?” they have to ask. “Should I look first this time, to see if the pharmacy jobs net really exists? Or maybe instead of leaping it’s time to climb down more carefully, one ledge at a time.”

Clingers also have to ask, “Does this feel right?” Like Jumpers, they must look for safety nets. They learn to read maps and differentiate between dangerous potholes and afternoon shadows. And when they can’t get a guaranteed hotel reservation, they learn to make a contingency plan to avoid sleeping in the park. Jumpers learn to walk where they used to run. Clingers learn to walk where they used to ride.

Fill any ‘skills gaps’. Once you’ve compiled your list of existing skills and experience you may find that there are gaps in your skill set. The answer here is to look out for training opportunities. So sign up for evening classes, day release or an Open University course. Make sure that you understand what qualifications or training you will need to succeed in your new pharmacy jobs career and get studying! Update your CV. As you continue to develop your CV, do include all of the new (and relevant) skills that you are acquiring. Remember that just being accepted and committing to a training course will be appreciated by an employer. The fact that you have signed up to this course is an indication of your motivation and commitment. So, be sure to mention that you’re “Studying for…” even if you haven’t actually got the qualification yet.

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