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Whereas different job search methods work for different people, there are some methods that present greater success than others. The unfortunate fact is that many job hunters are likely to spend too much time/effort on the less productive ways. Below is a listing of the least productive ways to look for a job. These percentages refer to the amount of individuals out of every hundred, who land a job utilising solely that method.

1) Internet job postings: 4 to 10% 2) Mailing out resumes to companies: 7% 3) Answering adverts in professional/trade journals: 7% 4) Local newspaper ads: 5-24% 5) Head-hunters, employment companies, search firms: 5-28%

As you can see, many of the methods people generally use, don’t produce the best results. Utilising a mix of approaches would obviously improve the success rate; nevertheless, the increase would not be very substantial, if not approached in the right way. Due to this fact, you will need to realise that your time spent searching for employment opportunities via less productive methods should be limited and effective.

For job boards specifically, whereas they will not be an ideal way to look for a job and mostly have a low success rate, they might still be useful. You never know through| what avenue you may land a job and so it makes sense to use all of the job search methods available. Job boards are additionally helpful sources of data for clues about which companies are hiring and what they’re looking for. When utilising job boards the principle factor to remember is that it is a numbers game and a question of submitting enough targeted job applications, so that you hear back from a few. That mentioned, you shouldn’t spend too much time on them, since as we have seen, they are not the most productive option to seek for a job.

Below are a number of the popular job boards in Singapore:

JobsDB, JobsCentral, Monster, JobStreet, EFinancialCareers, JobCyclone, Best Jobs, ST701, StreetDirectory, TopFinancialJobs,

You should use job aggregators like Recruit.Net and Careerjet, which offer jobs from a number of job boards and in addition from company job pages. This can save you a whole lot of time, as opposed to going through numerous job boards individually.

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