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Suffering from slander and libel defamation of character on the Internet is very stressful when someone is accusing you or your brand of being a rip-off or a scam.

Top-Dog.org realizes you spent your whole life creating an honest reputation, only to have it wrecked instantly in cyber space due to some sort of accident, ex-lover, disgruntled employee, etc. Keeping the slander and libel out of the search results may be your best option.

So, what are your choices to reclaim your integrity and protect your reputation from here on out? Our research shows three choices for your Internet reputation repair:

Do nothing to repair your Online defamation character.

Hoping the slander and defamation will go away, with no initiative, may not work depending on the volume of libel slander hitting the Internet. It’s all contingent upon the severity and continuance of the libel taking place, as it could just slide down the search results after enough time has passed.

However, this all depends on what the libel slander defamation is doing to your personal and business life. This method is highly unlikely to make you sleep well for quite a long time, and therefore is rarely an option.

Sue for defamation.

In this litigious society, this sounds like an reasonable option. There are things to consider here however, such as, can you handle the stress court proceedings bring, and do you have deep enough pockets for attorney fees? What if the accusers don’t have two pennies to rub together? If they do, it can work, again how long before the court orders the the removal of the online defamation content?

In the time you are waiting for your defamation suit to work, you still may go out of business or have lost promotions, employment, etc. So again, not the best route to fight against the defamation. It may work well as part of your attack against the defamation online.

Hire Wag the Dog Marketing to inexpensively work on your Internet reputation repair.

The Top-Dog.org Internet reputation protection methods are to write and submit a large amount of unique, quality articles to be submitted to hundreds of directories. These articles exclaim the best features of your products and/or values re-framing them in a good light. This content can then push the libel slander content down the search results.

Internet reputation repair has quick effective results, however must continually be worked at if your defamation of character adversaries continue their slander defamation tactics. A continual flow of articles must be crafted and posted using the keywords the libel is being found under online. This process should not stop until they do.

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