Local Geo Targeted SEO Search Engine Optimization

Targeted search engine optimization equates to a mixture of city or locations you do business in and phrases specifically describing what your website sells.

So, suppose your website provides exclusive, real-time Internet leads and your targeted locations are “Houston TX”, “Philadelphia PA” and “San Jose CA”, and you determined your best phrases to be “real-time warm internet leads” and “exclusive real-time warm leads”.

You would create one unique page for each city plus keyword variation, or alter your existing pages accordingly.

Think of the city and keyphrase combination as a mathematical equation three locations times two phrases would equal six pages created or changed on your website. This is how it would appear:

real-time warm internet leads Houston TX – real-time warm internet leads Philadelphia PA – real-time warm internet leads San Jose CA – exclusive real-time warm leads Houston TX – exclusive real-time warm leads Philadelphia PA – exclusive real-time warm leads San Jose CA –

When shoppers intend to make a purchase they know pretty much what they are looking for and they are more likely to feel comfortable purchasing it from a local company. This is why you want to focus on targeting your search engine optimization phrases.

So, a true future customer of yours will search the nearest big city along with keyword phrase best describing what they want to buy, or research.

In addition regular basic phrases are being worked on continually by your competitors and they aren’t really being searched for by your true clients.

Since this is what’s occurring today, it’s logical to aim to have your pages found under geo targeted seo phrases, rather than the very competitive regular phrases.

That’s just the simplest most basic idea to explain targeted search engine optimization.

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