Top Direct Sales Producers All Use Newsletters And This Is Why

Using the Internet to hype meetings and team conference calls, announcements and to provide motivational tidbits is easier than ever and if you are not using an online tool of some kind to keep your team updated and informed then you are behind the times. An e-Newsletter is about as easy as it gets and they are too powerful not to be blessing your team with. All of the top money earners in most direct sales companies are using them but no matter the size of your team you should be to and here’s why.

An e-Newsletters is essentially a way to broadcast a message to your entire team at the push of a button. Even if your group is only 5 or 10 people think about the efficiency of typing a message once, sending it to all 10 people at the click of a button but then having them forward it to others. Better yet, imagine you’re trying to promote your weekly meeting and you want to send your meeting reminder to your entire team but rather than just send it once, instead at the push of a button you schedule the meeting reminder to go out three different times prior to the meeting, say six days prior, 3 days prior and then the day of. What do you suppose will happen to your meeting attendance? The odds are those few extra little reminders scheduled at intermittent times are going to have a huge impact on attendance. An e-Newsletter taps you into the innate efficiency of the Internet to strategically make multiple points of contact and drip on your team multiple different times. It isn’t enough to remind and promote meetings, events and trainings just one time and hope that people will remember. In our busy society you are competing for the attention and focus of everything and everyone around and if you don’t do everything you can to keep your opportunity, trainings meetings and events at the forefront of your team then by default their attention will be gained by something or someone else and you’ll be on the losing end of the equation. Being able to keep your team focused could mean the difference between a frustrating and painful climb to the top or reaching your goals quickly.

An e-Newsletter service will also make you look professional and technically savvy to your team. Using an actual e-Newsletter service is worth its weight in gold when it comes to things like making sure you are SPAM compliant, making sure your emails actually go through, and providing tracking and scheduling.

There are tons of options when it comes to finding a good e-newsletter service although I have found is a well kept secret. I developed it so I am probably biased but it was designed with the busy direct sales person in mind. Its so easy to use as you can just drag content that is already written for you right into place so to produce an e-newsletter in 60 seconds it literally possible. You can also cut and paste your own training material in seconds.

So reaching out to your sales team with e-news couldn’t be easier and I”m sure you see this now as a fantastic tool. When your business expands your e-news can take a lot of the communications pressure off you so you can put more time into other money making aspects of team building and make even more money.

This is truly to simple of a tool to be without. If your serious about your business then you need to make it a priority to establish the habit of using this tool now.

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