Decorations are important! And the best brands know this very well. Therefore, it is not surprising that the market is filled with offers of various kinds more than to the eyeballs, and it is very, very difficult to pick up something that will then fulfill its task and please the owner for many years. This is true.
However, there is a category of accessories, always and everywhere appropriate, and which will never let the hostess down, of course, if you choose the right attribute for an event in your life or for every day.

It’s a wristwatch. You do not need to associate them only with the display of the current time – for a long time these accessories have become higher than just a device or a trinket on your hand. Choosing a watch for yourself or for a gift, you put a part of your soul, show your status, the ability to put the final chord in creating an image, demonstrate a passion, hobby or attitude to the world around you. It is clear that the selection of such an important element of style should be taken very seriously.

Let’s try to understand the trends of today, who offers the most interesting and popular things today.

1. A new series of wrist watch Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust 31

Top of our rating of the best women’s watches – Rolex, and you thought differently? Looking at the history of the brand or reviewing the movie epic of Agent 007, you can think of Rolex watches as the patriarchal embodiment of male testosterone, if not for one “small” nuance – the magical Sophia Loren. And who will be able to speak about gender inequality in the policy of the company?

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Lady 31 Steel & Gold 178341 Check price

2. The most feminine watch-Chanel j12·20 watch

If in the policy of the previous brand you can still see some manifestation of male chauvinism, then in this – in any way. Rather, on the contrary, but no-in the line of Chanel men’s watch models are also enough.

The first watches among the accessories of the House appeared in 1932, but only by the end of the 20th century, Chanel took the watch market seriously. And for a long time, we hope.
If you think about what are the best brands of women’s watches, now this is one of them.

Chanel J12 Quartz H2422 Check price

3. Female pilot-Breitling watch

This year, many watch companies with a long history have distinguished themselves by rethinking special nostalgic watches specifically for women. Among them is Breitling. After all, the company:

  • was born more than 130 years ago as a manufacturer of particularly high-precision equipment,
  • developed for measuring time in extreme conditions, for example, young aviation,
  • now he is working on the creation of extremely accurate products for the watch industry with all the latest technological solutions.
Breitling Pilot Style Solid Link Metal Watch Band – Silver – 20mm Check price

4. Watch Ulysse Nardin-and again dive into the ocean

This time-the ocean is water. And no less exciting inspiration. The Ulysse Nardin brand is visually and constructively connected to the sea with its more than 150-year history. No wonder-the air ocean for the first 50 years or so of the company’s operation was still inaccessible. No need to go far, look at the logo, and look at most of her most popular wristwatches-the sea in every breath and look.

And of course, the brand in its search for the perfect accessory could not ignore the creation of sea foam-Aphrodite. Today it is a professional freediver from Italy Alessia Zecchini. The Lady 4 Diver X “Great White” watch, created and matched to the image of this amazing brave diver, captures your attention immediately and forever.

5. Women’s watches Longines-a classic for almost 200 years

Another winged brand invites us to its story of adventure, discovery, and competition with the elements. Almost 200 years of not giving up, not moving away from your original idea of creativity – accessible and understandable only to those who have found true inspiration for the ages. The classic, soaring on the wings of Longines, is indispensable both at the meeting of the leading leaders of the planet and at the negotiations on the most important financial projects. You just need to feel the age-old wisdom of the druids of the Swiss Mountains on your hand. An indispensable help in complex issues of our time.

The new 2020 Conquest Classic models bring together everything necessary and important from the Longines experience so that the bright and sophisticated can be both feminine and uncompromisingly modern.

Longines Conquest Classic Longines Conquest Classic


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