Top 10 Tips For Getting Your First Tattoo

1. Make sure the tattoo design is something you will want to look at forever.

2. Make sure to check out the tattoo parlor and the artist well. You do not want some dirtbag giving you a tattoo in a broken down shack.

3. Be sure you can afford it the tattoo you choose. You don’t want to come up short on cash when you go for the tattoo. Bring more than they tell you to bring.

4. Tip the artist! Nothing upsets an artist more than people who don’t tip. They don’t make much from the tattoo work itself. They make their money mostly from tips. Tip by tattoo size. A small tattoo should be like a $30 tip. A large one should be around $60 or $70.

5. A hower is essential. Being clean is the best way to start the care of your tattoo. Tattoos can get infected, and it’s not a pretty thing to see.

6. It’s okay if you are nervous! It’s perfectly normal and natural to feel a those butterflies before you get a tattoo. If you’re very worried about how nervous you are going to get…bring a good friend along.

7.Everybody handles their pain in a different way. What is painless for your best friend may be the extreme opposite for you. However, do not let the anticipation of pain decide where your tattoo should be placed. The pain will be temporary and the tattoo is not!

8. Remember – don’t drink alcohol, or take drugs before your appointment! Don’t even take painkillers, as they are also blood thinners!

9. Bring a design of your choice with you. You can make your own or download one from online. if you do not have one, you can choose one from the tattoo parlor’s collection. Most tattoo parlors will usually have their design choices all over the walls. Pleae remember that it is considered very rude to copy some one’s custom tattoos.

10. Have enough courage. This will hurt and is a feeling that you have never felt before. Some people love it experience and some hate the feeling! But remember that when the tattoo is done, you will be glad that you got it…and you will be back for more!

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