Tonka Fire engines are recommended for children over the age of 3, but the Tonka range has grown and now includes a number of simpler models for younger kids. The traditional Tonka fire trucks, as well as their new younger brothers are some of the sturdiest and durable toy trucks in production today.

You’ll be surprised at the size of this mighty fire fighting monster. It certainly dwarfs its competitors in the toy fire engine market. It’s striking colours and realistic sounds makes this a very intriguing toy to occupy the mind of any inquisitive youngster.

Who manufactures the Tonka Fire Engine?

The Tonka brand was initiated by the Mound Metalcraft Company who is based near lake Minnetonka in Minnesota.Their main focus in the 1940’s was gardening tools, but they soon discovered that metal toys was in high demand in post war America.The The 1st toy truck was sold in 1947, and to date they have sold more than 250 million toy trucks.

The Tonka Fire Truck includes:

1) hands-on, easy to use controls

2) A ladder that works, and rotates

3) Realistic lights and sound

4) Made from a sturdy, high quality plastic

5) A Dvd of the real fire trucks in action

Some Customer Evaluations:

Caroline writes:

Boy, is this truck a must-have! I’ve searched and searched for a nice firetruck and finally found this one. It’s just great! Talk about hours of fun! The ladder extends and provides tons of fun – rescuing animals from buildings, etc. It goes great with the wooden train set and has even rescued trains that have fallen off the track. This is definitely a favorite in our house – it’s amazing to see how many stuffed animals that get to go for a ride on it too! A great, great toy and I highly recommend it!

B Powers writes:

Bought a Tonka Fire truck for my 3 yr old son’s birthday. He loves fire trucks, especially the real thing. I found the Tonka truck after a long search and it turned out to be everything it said. Fantastic features, sounds and lights and very durable too. Well worth the price.

Ales Writes:

My son is 2 & 1/2 and he loves this fire engine. Santa left it under the tree for him and he played with it for an hour before he even looked at another present! The ladder rotates 360 degrees with a little noise and the lights work but the great thing is… there is no siren! No noise to annoy you aor the neighbors!

Tonka fire engines have been around for more than 60 years, and the way they are built, they will be around for many to come. In fact, Tonka has become a very popular brand with classic toy collectors as well. Just a quick note from me, an avid toy collector, every kid should have a Tonka, I still have my 1st one bought in 1975.

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