If it is time for new toilets throughout your home, here are some tips to let you know about the different toilets there are and what exactly it is that they do.

Despite what most may think, all toilets are not the same. There are three main types of toilets that you have to choose from. You have the gravity fed, pressure-assist, and dual flush.

The most common toilet that we usually see is the gravity fed toilet. The weight of the water as well as the height of the water work together to pull and flush the toilet.

Under your gravity fed option, you will find the dual-flush toilet. These are great because they allow you to flush two different ways depending on what works for you at the moment. You have two buttons, one is for a regular flush and the other button is used for a smaller flush.

When you are dealing with a dual-flush toilet that has a handle, you can pull it up or down. Usually the up will give you the less powerful flush, this is usually for disposing liquid waste. The down will be a regular flush just like on any other toilet.

The pressure-assist is considered a little more high tech compared to the gravity fed toilets. These toilets work through air pressure build up in the cylindrical vessel. When flushed the built up pressure is released by flushing.

You also have to pick between a one-piece porcelain toilet and a two-piece porcelain toilet. The most common in American homes would be the two-piece because of the price. The one-piece is starting to grow in popularity because of its contemporary style, but it is still a little more expensive.

Your choices don’t end there though. You still have to choose the height, if you want a elongated or round bowl, and if you want a floor mount or a wall mount. Each style will give your bathroom a different looks so figure out first the style of the bathroom, and then the style of the toilet that will work the best with that.

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