To Snooze Or Not To Snooze That Is The Question

Are you a power napping expert? Nowadays power napping or quick snoozing is a very fashionable thing to do. In the old days it was just old men who would consider taking a power nap, but not anymore. The times have certainly changed. The beauty of power napping is that it might even one day save your life

The Road Safety Authority in Ireland recently conducted a report which highlighted the fact that 1 in 5 road fatalities are caused by driver fatigue. That is a big % of road deaths. It is not as big as the massive shock experienced by the sleeping driver when they crash their car. The fact that they are asleep means that they have no time to brace themselves before impact and therefore they suffer very bad injuries.

The best way to avoid becoming another statistic is to avoid driving while you are tired. This is common sense but you still get people driving home tired from work or after a night out. This is a recipe for disaster, and will soon have you in trouble.

Once your eyes start getting heavy in the car then you are in trouble. Turning up the radio, rolling down the windows or pulling over and stretching your legs will only have a temporary effect. The underlying problem will reappear quickly and you will once again become a danger on the road.

There is only one way to battle this problem and that is through the power of caffeine and snoozing. Stop at your nearest petrol station and buy a coffee. The caffeine usually takes 20 mintues to kick in so here is where your power nap comes in handy. Sleep for 20 mins and when you wake you should be alert again. This is not an ideal solution but it might just save your life.

With the August bank holiday almost upon us, the roads will be a dangerous and busy place over the weekend. So it’s great to see the RSA and Topaz once again promoting their ‘Driver Reviver’ campaign’. Free coffee will be available at over 100 outlets on this Friday so please avail of the service if you’re planning a long road trip (terms & conditions may apply).

The main thing when you get into a car is to arrive home safely. The consequences of falling asleep at the wheel are very severe. So try to take extra care on bank holiday weekends.

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