To Divorce Or Not To Divorce

Everyday millions of people around the world decide to end their marriages in divorce. Right now, numbers indicate that half or more of every marriage ends in divorce, and this research is independent from religious beliefs. Staying together is always the best approach, even though your marriage may be going through a rough patch. It is a thing you need to cautiously think about prior to pursuing it.

From the time children are very young they are inundated with fairy tale stories about white knights, princesses and happily ever after. Well in the real world, there are not fairy godmothers to wave magic wands and ensure this ending. The first thing you have to realize is you will have conflicts and problems in your marriage. You are joining together two flawed people, living in the same house for years, and putting the stress of financial troubles on them, kids and relatives, so even the best couples can snap. Once trouble surfaces in a marriage, it is imperative that you and your spouse persistently work throughout the problems.

The consensus throughout time is that marriage makes for a different life which has some truth to it. You’re merging your being with someone else, so naturally things will change. If your spouse does not adapt well to marriage there will be problems.

For instance, say you marry a person who is “early to bed and early to rise” – up at the crack of dawn and very career-oriented. It wouldn’t make much sense to expect them to stay up late to gaze at the stars or to call in “sick” to steal some precious moments with you. None of this is in their nature and also when you might be thinking of course if you were expecting your new spouse to stop drinking, smoking, playing video games all the time or some other vice you are expecting a guy other than the one you married.

Infidelity is perhaps the worst form of betrayal in a marriage. Trust is broken at the deepest level and the wound suffered by the other spouse runs incredibly deep. Of all the painful life experiences this is the one that people list as the most devastating, even compared to abuse.

Typically, discovering that your spouse has been unfaithful signals the end of the marriage, since it is almost impossible to feel confident again about this person, and the hurt you feel can be overwhelming. It’s possible that divorce is the only option left. Having said this, your options are not limited to this single alternative. Restoring the relationship is a possibility, yet the road is long, and each party has to be committed.

Divorce is one of the most difficult decisions a couple will have to make and only the spouses will know when there is no way of saving the relationship. When there are issues with physical attacks in a relationship there should be a separation until both people can obtain some assistance, but leaving the marriage is a decision only you can make.

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