Tired Of Being Overweight? Try GI Diets

It is now well recognized that overweight and obesity problem has emerged as a major health hazard the world over. This condition has been associated with life threatening diseases such as cardiac problems, diabetes, cholesterol and high blood pressure. Considering that the problem is worldwide, the main cause is the combination of the modern urban lifestyle along with low physical activity. Obesity and overweight conditions are found in the richer countries amongst both the affluent as well as the poorer sections. The condition is also seen amongst the affluent in the poorer countries. The lifestyle and associated with it the kind of food practices that has come to be popularized in the urban setting along with the sedentary life and work, are the main cause of this threatening condition.

The food that is available and consumed in urban areas have undergone rapid change. Processed food has come to replace fresh food. They have become associated with the urban lifestyle. Processed food is moreover in tune with the busy urban life. Some of them are ready to eat while others need very little preparation. The processed food is cheaper, available and easily accessible. They have also come to be called junk food or fast food. Generally, they are rich in sugar and fat, and also contain additives. While the affluent sections in richer countries eat both high calorie food as well as processed food, the poorer sections consume more of the processed food which is low in nutrition but high in calories. The affluent in the poorer countries also consumes high calorie food as also increasingly the processed food. Combined with sedentary life style precipitates accumulation of fat. Obesity, however, is also known to be caused by eating and genetic disorder.

Increasing number of obese population has also led to the expanding market for weight loss program. The market is abuzz with newer and newer products and programs guaranteeing effective weight loss. But all this can be quite confusing to someone on the look out for effective weight loss program. It will help if you are able to assess the cause of your problem, may be from a specialist, and about the weight loss products and programs. The World Wide Web is indeed a major source for information. There are many books that give you information both on the weight loss programs as well as on the problems of obesity as Lose Your Belly Fat, GI Diet and HCG Diet Guide.

Obesity cannot be addressed without changes in lifestyle. With people becoming more aware of health, there are shift of consumer preference to organic food. More people are aware of the effect of fast food on health. More nutritious food is entering the food habits of people once again.

Eating can be an advantage and a disadvantage all at the same time. However, too much is bad enough as it will only increase weight and illnesses.

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