Tire Inflator: Home Air Inflator Station – Safeguard Your Self From Back Pain

Lots of people suffer from recurring back pain. In case you are one of them you probably shiver when you get a flat tire, need to inflate a mattress for a guest, or perhaps pump up your inflatable pool or boat. Now you are able to take care of these irritating chores with a home air inflator station.

One of the main reasons for lower back pain when you are inflating items like tires or an inflatable pool is that you are stuck in one really really irritating position for a while. Air inflator stations like the Black & Decker ASI300 have enough power to lessen inflation time, so you are able to avoid back, shoulder or even joint pain.

Additionally, if you do suffer from back pain, or shoulder or perhaps neck pain, you will likely be advised to cut down on the amount of weight you lift. Home air inflator stations are light; about six pounds; so they’re less likely to aggravate your injury, or cause a new one.

Though air home inflators like the Black & Decker ASI300 are small, they are able to tackle small or large jobs in no time at all. All you need to do is switch the nozzle to match the item, and your inflation task is quick and easy.

There’s no need to purchase those attachments. The Black & Decker air station inflator comes packaged with a standard nozzle, an extension nozzle, plus a needle inflator. Additionally, it has a 120-volt cord for recharging in a wall socket, as well as a 12-volt cord and plug for recharging from your vehicle whenever you’re on the go.

The versatility of an inflator station such as the Black & Decker ASI300 also caters to busy parents or anyone with an active lifestyle. Inflatable toys are among the most popular on the market. Using an air inflator station is much more hygienic than using your mouth, and also much faster than utilizing a bicycle pump.

If you are an outdoor enthusiast such as a cyclist, dirt biker, or boater, an air inflator station is essential. You can use it to fill up your tires whether you are cycling near home or on a mountain biking trip. It can also inflate all of your water toys at the lake or the beach, or reduce the time you spend setting up inflatable tents.

Inflating items around your house or on the road is also easier and quicker due to the built-in pressure gauge in machines such as the Black & Decker ASI300. Simply set the pressure and your home air inflator station will immediately turn off when it’s attained.

Finally, if you’re decluttering your home, air inflators comes in really handy. Utilize it to suck the air from vacuum seal storage bags to create more room in your closet for all your new outfits or linen. Again, with the job over in no time, you will experience much less back pain and upper body strain.

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