Tips To Prevent Violence In The Workplace

Personal security is of course important – even in the work place. With a struggling economy, high unemployment and many companies shedding jobs due to budget cut back, many workers are reaching peak stress levels. A staff under duress can be unpredictable.

Emergency response procedures are a vital element in protecting employees. As a veteran police officer, I have been personally involved in active shooter incidents, fire, assaults, and medical calls all occurring at commercial properties. Assuring your employer has an emergency action plan for commonly encountered incidents will no doubt save lives and prevent the incident from being worse. If your employer does not have a documented plan, develop one among your coworkers to include communication and keywords to discreetly identify trouble. Make frequent changes to passwords as employee rosters change with termination and attrition.

Proper placement of security cameras can prevent theft and be a major investigative tool in the event of a physical attack, particularly when they are placed frequently traveled areas or high occupancy around the office. Fake or dummy cameras have been known to be somewhat effective, however when it comes down to an incident actually occurring, they do not video the incident rendering them useless.

Company policy can greatly reduce the risk of work place violence, but a thoughtful investment in personal security can be tremendously valuable. Stun guns, taser systems, personal personal defense spray. and other low cost tools exist to add an extra self-defense capability on an individual level. Another emerging self defense tool is the audible personal alarm that can create a 100db sound to attract attention. Carrying a self-defense tool adds to the workers’ self confidence as they are more equipped to defend themselves when needed.

Some industries are unfortunately more prone to workplace violence than others. Still, danger can exist in any company. Development of a solid action plan can in itself deter violence as criminals prey on vulnerability. An organization that has no action plan is vulnerable. Criminals also rely on workers to be highly focused on tasks at hand and not on emerging dangers around them.

Quality surveillance equipment is essential in fighting workplace violence. The days of the old affordable black and white VHS tapes are long gone and completely unreliable for investigative purposes. Quality digital video recording equipment is the last line of defense when it comes to identifying criminals. Remember that workplace safety extends beyond physical altercations, sexual harassment and other issues; the methods for addressing these should also be clearly outlined in the employee handbook too.

Criminal activities can take place anywhere and at any time, including offices and other commercial properties, homes, and outdoors. By keeping your personal safety in mind wherever you go, you can be prepared for these possibilities. Whether your office is protected by security guards or not, the personal safety of ever ne on its premises must be overseen by quality video recording equipment capable of identification in low light conditions.

Officer Joe Davidson is a veteran peace officer with several years of experience in personal safety issues. Joe operates Uk marriage visa StunTech Products – a provider of reliable personal defense systems and delivers self defense assistance to his community.

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